Wise Practices to Help Increase Employee Retention

Operating a business can be a headache most days. While trying to find the perfect people to fill out the ranks at your company can be a challenge in and of itself, retaining exceptional employees can be another endeavor entirely. There are countless reasons why people leave jobs, from feeling uncomfortable in an office to desiring better wages. Luckily, there are a few ways you can reduce the odds of it happening. Improving employee retention is all about taking a look at the issue at hand and determining which solutions will have the biggest impact.

Inclusion Matters

Diversity in the workplace is a business philosophy that has been encouraged for many years now. While it is important to have a robust and diverse crowd in your employ, you need to take additional steps in order to make everyone feel comfortable. If you only have one gay person in your office, for example, this individual might not feel safe talking about his or her home life. When this is the case, an employee might perform at a reduced capacity because he or she doesn’t really feel included. Take steps toward inclusion to make employees want to stick around.

Get Feedback

When people start leaving your business at an alarming rate, you want to know why. One or two people leaving to find new jobs is not a big deal. Entire teams disappearing for new opportunities means something’s wrong with employee retention. The best way to get a feel for what’s not going well in your office is by asking your employees directly without fear of reproach. When an employee feels like he or she can give honest input on the way operations are conducted, this individual is more likely to want to work for the business.

Different Generations

The age of the people you are dealing with is also going to impact retention. Younger generations have a much different relationship with their jobs than previous ones. The moment a young professional feels out of place at work, this person is out the door. Millennials and members of Gen Z are far more likely to leave a job for any other available opportunity than Boomers. Unfortunately, the younger members of the workforce are the ones you want to retain. To achieve this, focus on the factors that will make the office more collaborative for younger minds.

Improving employee retention is all about taking the time to really pay attention to the environment in the office. Every business has different needs, so learn what your team requires to make the biggest difference.


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