How To Run a Successful Commercial Real Estate Business

Selling real estate in the commercial market can be a real challenge. Some properties are off the market almost immediately and others stick around seemingly forever. It is a much more polarized market than residential properties. You may wonder what you can do to ensure that your business lists properties in the first category consistently. These are some helpful tips.


It may sound cliché but the key to real estate is location. This is truer for commercial properties than residential ones. While a homeowner may be willing to drive five extra minutes each day to get a great deal, no business is willing to be tucked out of the way of foot traffic to save a few bucks.

Make sure you are finding properties in the right neighborhoods. For retail locations, you typically want them to be in an area where they will be able to bring in customers. For office space, you want your offerings to be conveniently located with plenty of amenities.

If your property is hard to find or practically invisible, it isn’t going to be a huge attractor for buyers. Keep in mind that many of the biggest successes are an up and coming locations. Learning to find those opportunities is the key to success.


Businesses want to offer branded and unique experiences in their retail locations. Companies want their offices to reflect their culture. Provide properties that make customization simple.

For example, you likely want your properties to have large, open spaces. It is easier to subdivide an open space than to open up a closed-off one. Sometimes the most successful properties are the “blank canvas” ones.

Zoning and Laws

No matter where your properties are, you need to keep the zoning rules and other regulations in mind. If you have a large building that is perfect for a big-box store but isn’t in a zone that will allow it, you may be out of luck (and money). Know what the laws are for your location and do what you need to handle the legal considerations. Your potential buyers will appreciate the property being move-in ready legally.

Keeping these commercial real estate considerations in mind will help you to run a more successful operation. The real estate business is one of the most lucrative ways to grow your wealth. However, you can’t succeed if you don’t give your buyers what they want. Remember location, customization and the law and you will find the success you are seeking.


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