Use Your Credit Card Sales To Qualify for Capital Right Away!

If you’ve ever felt frustrated because you’re having trouble qualifying for a business loan, we have an excellent solution. Our merchant cash advance program simplifies the application process and makes it much easier for you to get the capital you need. This type of alternative financing is popular with businesses of all sizes, and you don’t need to have perfect credit to qualify. At Moneyfest Capital, we can help you fill out an application and get approved quickly. Easy payments and fast processing are just a few benefits of a merchant cash advance.

The Ideal Financing Solution for Businesses With Less-Than-Optimal Credit

Why are merchant advances easier to qualify for than traditional business loans? For one thing, you don’t need any kind of equity or collateral. You don’t have to use expensive equipment as a guarantee, for example. Also, this type of advance is based on your business’s estimated credit card sales. As long as you have consistent credit card transactions, paying back the advance isn’t a problem.

Why Choose a Merchant Cash Advance From Moneyfest Capital

Our MCA program helps you obtain funds ahead of time instead of waiting months for credit card sales to add up. That way you can take care of urgent needs right away. You can also use this financing for business expansion, equipment purchases, inventory purchases and other needs. To find out more or fill out a no-cost application, contact our team right away.