6 Strategies to Boost Your Productivity

Improving productivity is on a lot of people’s minds these days. Think about it: How nice would it be to consistently complete your to-do list? Regrettably, the best-laid plans get off track, whether the situation is due to distractions, unexpected responsibilities, or unrealistic expectations. There are several things you can do to simplify your life and get more things done in a reasonable timeframe. Read on for a few effective strategies. 

1. Stop Multitasking

Most workers struggle with this. But, it might help to know that multitasking is a major barrier to productivity. Your brain can focus only on one thing at a time, and when it’s required to jump from idea to idea, cognition is undermined. If you stop multitasking, you’ll be more efficient and focused. 

2. Be Accountable

“Accountability” can seem daunting, but it doesn’t have to be. In fact, healthy accountability can help you fight overwhelm and isolation. It might be a simple and structured planner or a formal and ongoing relationship. Co-working, Zoom Rooms, coaching relationships, and other accountability tools can make a positive impact on your morale and productivity. 

3. Get Up Earlier

Think fifteen minutes earlier. You don’t have to make a major change. You will notice, though, that you rush less, focus more, and start the day off in a calm manner. Those extra fifteen minutes will make a big difference in your motivation. 

4. Check Email Later

Do you have a habit of checking and responding to your email on your phone as soon as you wake up? Break that habit! Not only does it disturb your waking-up time, but it also sets you up for mistakes, misunderstandings, and a lack of boundaries between your work and personal life. 

5. Move On the Hour

Sedentary work can be hard on your physical and mental health if you don’t get up and move. Set up some kind of reminder. Exercise in a way that feels joyful and feasible. Dancing, walking, and brief high-intensity workouts are all beneficial. 

6. Pare Down Your Task List

Whenever possible, focus on no more than 3 major tasks per day. Yes, you will create steps to accomplish each task, but keeping the main list short is a time-honored way to get things done effectively. 

Boosting your productivity requires the removal of items that disrupt your focus. Give these suggestions a try to accomplish more in a sustainable way. 


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