5 Gas Station Franchise Options To Consider

If you want to get into the energy industry, one of the best ways is with a gas station franchise. These provide a strong, established brand along with a much-needed product. While there are no sure things in any business, a gas station franchise is relatively reliable. These are some of the top options you may want to consider when starting your franchise.


Although this is not exclusively a gas station brand, it is well-known throughout the country. There are over 8,600 locations around the nation. When people want to buy gas or need to grab a snack or drink, they want to go to a place that seems reliable. The brand recognition of 7-Eleven goes a long way towards drawing customers in the front door.


Again, LUKOIL is a recognizable brand for gas stations. While people are very price-sensitive for gas, they also want to find somewhere that is reliable. There is a sense that some gas stations have a lower-quality product. Having a franchise with the recognition of LUKOIL is a great way to project an image of reliability. This brand allows franchise owners to operate very independently.

Sunoco APlus

Through the east coast of the country, Sunoco and APlus convenience stores offer name-brand gas station service to drivers. It also helps that Sunoco has a valuable NASCAR partnership. The initial investment necessary for this brand is lower than some other, ranging between $25,000 and $600,000 depending on location and other factors.


The above brands have good national recognition, Shell is a global brand. It is one of the biggest names in the energy industry and has strategically-located gas stations throughout the United States. This is a little more expensive and restrictive than some other franchise options. Additionally, franchisees much keep at least 10% unencumbered cash of total capital. However, the value of this brand is worth it.

Dash In

This smaller franchise operation is known for its clean and high-quality gas stations and convenience stores. The total investment necessary is between around $130,000 and $190,000. There are financing options available to help you pay your initial franchise fees.

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Getting a gas station franchise is a great way to get into the energy industry. This business can offer lucrative returns and a reliable financial future. It is easier to afford the initial investments for a franchise with the right franchise financing. Many independent lenders can offer unique funding options to help you get started with your new franchise business.


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